Enfocus Solutions Inc. is a software and services provider dedicated to improving the disciplines of agile business transformation, service design, and business analysis excellence. The mission at Enfocus Solutions is to help organizations improve the value delivered to the business from products and services by providing the necessary capabilities to perform robust business analysis. Enfocus Solutions recognizes the struggle to align projects with business needs, they understand the risk of implementing solutions that miss the mark on customer expectations.

Enfocus Solutions is dedicated to integrating agile best practices with project management, product development, and service design activities, enabling organizations to successfully deliver products and services that provide value to the business and exceed customer expectations. Enfocus Solutions provides the only solution on the market that focuses on solution discovery activities to ensure delivered products and services align with business, customer, and user needs. They integrate with existing delivery tools to improve the benefits achieved from implemented solutions. Enfocus Solutions Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.