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Bridging the Gap

In an ideal situation all of our customers would be operating world-class service operations without the need for any external resources or assistance to support their People, Processes and Technology. However we don’t live in an ideal world.

Everybody sets out on the road of Service Management with high expectations and important deliveries to make. Unfortunately, there are many obstacles on this road - lack of budget, lack of skilled resources, impossible objectives, lack of business collaboration, stubborn suppliers, an ever changing product landscape and badly designed processes are all challenges that our customers face. Companies that ignore these risks fail to deliver Service Management.

SilverStorm Customer Services main priority is to bridge the gap between the expectation and the reality of the Enterprise Service Management practice. We help our customers mitigate risk.

Credibility and Collaboration

In today’s corporations, 75% of business priorities depend on technology. The modern CIO has a critical role in guiding business initiatives through technological innovation. The CIO ‘collaborates’ with the business from a position of authority. In order for the CIO to be seen as a credible source, the IT Department must maintain high customer satisfaction. If they don’t, the collaboration is just a castle in the air.

SilverStorm Customer Services build and maintain credible Enterprise Service Management solutions that operate successfully as the ‘touch-paper’ of IT.

Zen Service Management

The old way of the customer telling us what has gone wrong and what needs fixing does not help change the perception of a failing service management operation, in fact this normally only serves to compound preconceived ideas of a poor service. The new relationship must drive continual improvements, never stop at setting high standards and must, above all else, be measurable and accountable in the eyes of the business. Everyone directly or indirectly involved with the service needs to aspire to success.

SilverStorm Customer Service is focused on ‘real Service Management’ with a commitment to continual improvement. Innovation for innovation sake gives zero return; our commitment is to increase productivity, increase satisfaction and manage costs. We leave the theory behind to concentrate on the real life situation.


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