We Want a Sustainable Future for All

Business activities and enterprise growth, such that SilverStorm is involved in, is not looking out for the environment if the practice is not carried out in a sustainable manner. SilverStorm has a goal to reduce any negative impact that our activity causes to the environment, improving the global wellness of our society.

In the current business space characterized by fast and deep changes and global competitiveness SilverStorm, as an innovative and pioneering firm, believe that we are an important player to lead a sustainable growth in our society and protect global environmental interests both current and future. Every SilverStorm activity and process, considered in our strategic and operational plan, is carried out through a sustainable growth model based on innovation with the goal to achieve an equilibrium where we maximize our profits and our stakeholder benefits following our DNA values while always considering the environmental impacts throughout the process.

The current economic growth pattern is causing negative impacts on our environment and planet. Business and human activities are complicating future planet sustainability. Natural resources, atmosphere and the environmental climatology conditions of our planet are damaged by most human and business activities. Moreover, energetic demand growth and the production of waste is negatively influencing the natural development of our planet, where our future generations have to live. Because of this it is necessary that all people and companies work to protect our planet and leave it in the best condition for future generations. Therefore, SilverStorm considers it its responsibility to face up to environmental issues and; incorporate internal policies to reduce resource consumption, maximize energy efficiencies, reduce CO2 emissions and have a coherent waste management system.

To SilverStorm, growth, business success and sustainability are not opposed concepts, hence why all of them are incorporated in our strategy and the daily business activities of our employees, being the ones who promote new sustainable and friendly measures oriented to reduce negative impacts on our environment.

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