Customers are an Important Value of SilverStorm

One of the most important challenges of digital transformation that organizations have to face up to is the achievement of sales performance value from customers. Any consultancy firm cannot believe that it is going to have absolute control over the performance of its customers because it’s simply not possible. However, as a consultancy firm, SilverStorm can positively influence performance for its customers.

In the new environment where organizations do business, customer success is achieved when they get their desired performance levels through the use of the services and product delivered to them. This is why we have developed a Customer Success Program (CSP) to guide our customers in their digital transformation process during our service. This program arises from our desire to understand each individual project that our customer has and the activities and processes they want, tailoring them to their needs throughout the life of the project. Our CSP is focused on achieving customer satisfaction and success, based on the three pillars: communication, excellence and integrity.

The CSP program is comprised of:

- CA: Customer Advocacy.

- BA: Branding Advocacy.

SilverStorm believe that the implementation and assimilation of new technologies, internally and externally, must be achieved in an integrated manner, complementing the digital culture. Cultural change must be inspired by the digital talents of employees and their positive attitude to change. This builds up the foundations of a new job culture by exploiting technological benefits and promoting an innovative mentality for employees which increase their learning processes and agility, increasing the global productivity of the firm. To find all of these, human resource leaders must promote digital talent along all digital transformation processes. Key areas are:

  1. Creating a digital culture, where curiosity for technology impregnates the entire organization.
  2. Promoting a wider reaching and open view on technology, creating a digitalized work environment.
  3. Avoiding creating a digital department due to technology that is transverse to the entire organization.
  4. Recognizing the difference between digital skills and behavior, to treat both separately and achieve alignment between both.
  5. Motivating and promoting initiation from employees through mentoring programs where digitally native employees support the rest of their workmates to adopt new technologies.
  6. Identifying the social implications and advantages that digital transformation has, enabling us to be more connected and integrated with each other, increasing our capacity to share anything that we want.
  7. Inspiring and leading change management project managers have to lead. The first people to adopt new digital cultures have to be managers, leading digital transformation processes that aligning with the strategic goals.

To achieve a successful digital transformation, a change in process must be implemented as a tool to measure and control strategies and action plans that are being carried out to know if we are achieving our goals. We need talk about the plan before and after the digital transformation adoption. It is critical to carry out a good definition of KPIs to realize cultural change and adapt to new technological environments. One of the recommendations that SilverStorm follows is the application of SMART (specific, measure, achievement, relevant and temporary) goals and the application of this to each KPI. With all of this we have the faith of the company before, during and after digital transformation.

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