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SilverLabs is a Business Unit, responsible for enterprise architecture solutions and strategic innovation.

SilverLabs is a Business Unit, responsible for enterprise architecture solutions and strategic innovation.

Project Title


Project Result

Development of digital providers allows to complete Talent Management from the beginning to the final process in every organization. The complete Resource Management involves from the identification of the resource needs to the finalization of the professional requirements of the resources identified, through to the selection of the best resource for a specific position, adapting and hiring this resource to the organization, and finally, the development and professional promotion, training design, and mentoring by an adequate tutor.

Innovation that involves the project

  • Detect and even anticipate the necessity of a resource that covers a job position in the organization. It can be as easy as a responding to the demand for a resource or as complex as a logarithm that analyzes the information that it has and identifies the need of a resource.
  • Manage the hire of a new resource or the promotion of a current resource to cover adequately the detected necessity. The effort consists in identifying internal and external candidates, realization of candidates ranking and selection of the best candidate that fits the needs of the position.
  • Assign a tutor to each new employee and provide them with the tools to support their integration and facilitate ease their professional career growth. You should assign the best mentor to the employee according with their characteristics. The mentoring tutor needs to be able to evaluate the integration and performance of new employee over 30, 60 and 90 days periods, as well as the tracking of their professional career plan.
  • Recommend, through arithmetic, the professional career plan based on organization requirements and depending on the talent and capabilities showed by the resource daily in the organization.
  • Recommend, through arithmetic, have training plan to help on weaknesses of every single resource and their recommended career plans. It will be necessary to identify the resources weaknesses and the organization needs in order to generate effective training plans.

This Project has been co-financed by European Regional and Development Funds and Instituto de Competitividad Empresarial

European Regional Development Fund
Instituto de Competitividad Empresarial de Castilla y León

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