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In the competitive world we live in the key to survive is the generation of value to our customers. SilverStorm has several values under which activities are carried out. Every day these activities and the decisions we make have an impact on our colleagues, customers and other stakeholders. Our values define who we are and take our work philosophy into all our subsidiaries, being the reference for all employee to make the most adequate decisions in any moment.

Our corporative values are important and they make sense in our service quality. These values being:

  • Excellence: We always try to obtain the best from ourselves
  • Quality: Have the correct approach in our tasks
  • Collaboration: We are together in each project
  • Customer Service: Its perception is our reality
  • Invest in our employee: The success is in our hands
  • Humility: We are not the most important piece of puzzle


Two of the most important values are diversity and innovation, being essential for our business success. Antecedents, experience and approach of each person provides us new ideas, getting increasingly more valuable performance and services that we offer.

We encourage to our employees to work united in different cultures, countries and languages, welcoming other point of view and promoting the inclusion of all of them.

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