“It is important that each organization adapts its function to the changes in order to compete”


Rebeca Sánchez EstebanREBECA SÁNCHEZ - Head of Organizational Change en SilverStorm

Head of Organizational Change, Rebeca facilitates a sustainable change process, aligning it with our business strategy, always seeking the maximum support from people. Her main goal is to achieve the successful transformation for the organization.

She is also responsible for promoting and maintaining employee´s motivation using development plans, mentoring programs, emotional intelligence and with daily work recognition.

What do we mean by organizational change?

An organizational change is any transformation in the function of an organization. It emerges from the need to transform the working environment into a more productive one. When the organization proposes a change, it must have the ability to be adapted to the changes that can be made by the dynamic environment that surrounds it. The company will get this ability through collective learning and, for that, it is needed to involve itself in a set of tasks that encompass technical aspects and human beings. Without including the human aspects, the process of acceptance and adoption of change is much more difficult.

How important is the Organisational Change Management?

I believe that managing the organisational change in an efficient way is important because the transformation is composed, among other things, by the human element. This element changes people´s behaviour, which is resulted into an aggregation of value for the company. It is important that each organization adapts its function to the changes in order to compete.

What problems do big organization deal when they face a change?

Obviously, the problems related to the technological transformation are the most worrying ones when an organization faces a change, but, once this has been evaluated, organizations deal with problems oriented to the people/departments that will also be affected. Evaluating how a change affects the employees is a challenge for companies.

How do clients face this change?

Companies can take different paths, but as a general rule they follow two: Those companies that use authoritarian change policies, in which employees have to adapt to changes by the decision of the companies’ committee and those other companies that prefer organized changes, where the motivation, communication and employee training are the bases for a successful change.

How do you approach the organizational change in SilverStorm?

Based on our more than 15 years of consulting experience and on our own internal processes that we have implemented inside our company, we have created ServiceInspirationTM, a product where its goal is to define a project that can help organizations to complete successful transformations.

So, is this product born as a part of your internal processes?

Yes, this product is a part of our culture as a company. Is there a better way to evaluate the success of a product than validating it internally?

How does ServiceInspirationTM fit in the concept of Digital Transformation?

This product is part of our digital transformation strategy and it is based on our four fundamental pillars such as standards, technology, processes and of course, people.

Do you think that the future of successful changes is based on good change management?

We must take into account that there are several factors that will intervene in the success of change inside an organization. One of them is to define a digital strategy according to the business strategy of the company. Based on this, the definition of a change management project guarantees the success of our changes minimizing the negative impact for the employees.

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