Valladolid, 7th February 2019

Last Wednesday, Facultad de Comercio at the University of Valladolid welcomed the members of the committee for the 35º Certamen Empresario del Año arwards, chaired by the dean of Comercio, José Antonio Salvador, in order to proceed to the decision of these.


The committee considered the profesional trayectory of Rian Butcher, who in 2002 founded SilverStorm after a lot of years of experience in the sector, he anticipated a future in which he knew that technology would take charge of the world who would becoming increasingly depend on it.


Rian Butcher in SilverStorm Headquarters

Despite the great international growth experienced by the company, Rian Butcher has decided to maintain the headquarter of SilverStorm in Valladolid, which means that the 60% of the employees are Castilians related from one or another to Valladolid, contributing to the growth and prosperity of both, the city and Castilla y León.

SilverStorm develops technology in the business field and the creation of new services, according to business demand. It adopts technologies that significantly change the way companies work. Currently approximately one and a half million people work more efficiently with tools implemented by SilverStorm.

The SilverStorm DNA contemplates a series of values such as responsibility, learning and preparation, which do not allow us to work bellow excellence. This is a part of the moral fibre that makes SilverStorm the successful company that it is today, being highlighted in the sector as a visionary, innovative and avant-grade company.

The Committee

The committee of this awards is composed of members of public institutions, such as the Valladolid Council or The Diputación de Valladolid, financial entities such as Banco Santander, LABORAL Kutxa and various organizations such as MADISON, Carrefour, El Corte Inglés or Grupo Yllera.

The committee recognizes by sectors (Agri-Food, Commerce, Construction, Hospitality, Industry, Services, Young Entrepreneur and Third Sector) the work and effort from those businessmen of our city whose career in our city and dedication have made an important contribution to the industrial fabric and the business of Valladolid.

Certamen Empresario del Año Awards

The Certamen del Empresario awards have been consolidated as highly relevant awards, which annually recognize the work carried out by the most prominent businessman of Valladolid. The first authorities and business leaders of the city attend to the awards ceremony.

In this edition, the award ceremony will be held the next 13th of march in La Vega Hotel.

About SilverStorm

SilverStorm Solutions advises large successful corporations on their use of technology to improve ahead of their competition.  SilverStorm continuously harnesses knowledge to find an edge for clients from around the world; customers working with our team, build and deploy agile and digital strategies at lightspeed.

SilverStorm ‘bridges the gap’ between a customer’s existing state and their desired state.  Our unique The SilverStorm Digital Transformation Strategy™ provides VISIONEXPERIENCE and DIRECTION for companies looking to increase profit, customer satisfaction and productivity.

SilverStorm leverages leading disruptive technologies to enhance a customer’s transformation strategy.  SilverStorm is a ServiceNow Gold Services Partner and a Zenoss Solution Partner.

SilverStorm operates across 4 continents, being recognized as one of the global leaders for service orientation.  SilverStorm is a privately-owned company headquartered in Spain, with offices in the USA, Mexico and the UK.

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