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In its desire of improve day by day and improve the services provided on its platform, ServiceNow presents the new release called “MADRID”.

The current release of Now Platform® MADRID offers significant and innovative advances for ServiceNow. The most important innovations included in this release are:

ServiceNow Mobile Studio: This innovations help to make the ServiceNow experience more natural and modern from a mobile device, allowing to develop and create mobile applications in an agile and simple way.

  • Configuration from packaged components and templates without the need for code.
  • Development of Apps with native capabilities of the device integrated (camera, maps, etc,).
  • Creation of Apss that can be executed at any time and place, even without being connected, with reading and writting habilities.

Similarity Framework: with this new feature, ServiceNow allows to indentify similarities between incidents, cases and alerting. Ofering automatic proposal to create a major incident, or relationship with existing ones. Thanks to this innovation the actions to solve the problems are more proactive, shortening the response and resolution times. In addtion, this functionality is adjusted according to the business conext of each client.

Agent Workshop: Available for ITSM and CSM solutions. Agent Workspace is a new work interface available for support or service agents that allows them to interact with end users in a constant way through different channels on the platform. Agent Workspace allows the agent to keep up to date with information on the latest updates of each activity from the same window.

  • Efficient multitasking management with main and secondary tabs from the same view.
  • Quick overview of customer information, activities and service levels.
  • Solve tickets quickly thanks to intergrated machine learning and contextual help features.

ITSM Mobile App: It is a native mobile interface that allows support agents to work easily from anywhere.

  • Vision and quicker response on assigned tasks.
  • Management of assignments to the work team with simple gestures.
  • Display and approval of applications simply by sliding the screen.

In addition to those advances we find other improvemtents that increase the different capabilities of the ServiceNow product.

  • PLATFORM: Integration with Facebook Workplace, Antivirus for managed files on the platform and Upgrade Plans with ATFs.

  • PA: Analytics Hub and New Dashboards/ KPIs for IT, CSM and HR.

  • ITSM: Problem Management version 2 and OOTB Intergration of changes with DevOps.

  • ITOM: Alert Intelligence and improvements in the search adn navigation of the CMDB.

  • ITBM: New Dashboards for Project Portfolio, SAFa Framework, Roadmap for the Portfolio management of Applications and Perscriptive cost modeling.

  • SAM: Sap Published Pack and Workbench License.

  • GRC: Evaluation management improvements, Agile problem management and continuous risk monitoring.

  • HRSD: Communities for employees, Tasks for campaings, Analytics in campaigns, Viewer for guided creation of events on the life cycle of the employee, and Improvements in the management of employee documents.

If you need more information, please, contact with us!

About SilverStorm

SilverStorm Solutions advises large successful corporations on their use of technology to improve ahead of their competition.  SilverStorm continuously harnesses knowledge to find an edge for clients from around the world; customers working with our team, build and deploy agile and digital strategies at lightspeed.

SilverStorm ‘bridges the gap’ between a customer’s existing state and their desired state.  Our unique The SilverStorm Digital Transformation Strategy™ provides VISIONEXPERIENCE and DIRECTION for companies looking to increase profit, customer satisfaction and productivity.

SilverStorm leverages leading disruptive technologies to enhance a customer’s transformation strategy.  SilverStorm is a ServiceNow Gold Services Partner and a Zenoss Solution Partner.

SilverStorm operates across 4 continents, being recognized as one of the global leaders for service orientation.  SilverStorm is a privately-owned company headquartered in Spain, with offices in the USA, Mexico and the UK.

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