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SilverStorm Consulting Services are based on the delivery of “operable” enterprise service management unifying “People”, "Process” and “Technology”. Our solutions adapts to business drivers and market trends as well as focusing on resolving the real-life problems that our customers face on a day-to-day basis.

PEOPLE: many, many projects designed to improve business processes fail. This happens because project leaders do not know or do not have access to all business requirements, or the requirements themselves keep changing or are inaccurate. SilverStorm mitigates this risk by allowing businesses to determine, collect, manage, and leverage all their requirements involving people, processes, and technology in a real-time, accurate, and easily accessible format. What do we see as being critical?

  1. Business partner: if a company's employees and customers are happy with its approach to technology, then its shareholders are likely to be happy, too. We can take simple measures to make sure that all stakeholders appreciate their investments and understand how being tech savvy can improve brand perception.
  2. Deliver better business solutions: SilverStorm helps our customers work with their stakeholders; involving them directly in the preparation of business cases, defining the requirements and scope of any project. We enable our customers to deliver more value to the business.
  3. Reduce costs: our "operable" approach identifies waste and inefficiencies, reducing the cost of the business processes. Our customers work from accurate and complete information permitting the capture of all the correct requirements at the first attempt; we provide efficiencies to our customers by sharing and reusing the information from project to project.
  4. Satisfy stakeholders: sustained focus on stakeholder satisfaction is the foundational principle of governance. We actively demonstrate how the stakeholders' needs are mapped and incorporated into the business goals; this increases buy-in and participation. Our customers involve the stakeholders throughout the entire project lifecycle.
  5. Achieve successful outcomes: everybody wants to see successful projects being delivered; we achieve this by prioritizing the requirements and by quickly delivering functionality that will save time and money. SilverStorm incorporates best practices into the projects avoiding reinventing the wheel over and over. We permit our customers to define and share goals, requirements and scope with the business so that everybody understands the expectations.

PROCESS: process-focused efforts can be effective if there is strong buy-in from the business. More often than not, this motivation is there if the objectives are to reduce costs, increase revenue, comply with governance, or increase satisfaction. SilverStorm focuses on these four areas when designing and delivering processes. Our interaction with "People" ensures that our customers involve the stakeholders from the affected business units in order to combine efforts and maximize cost-effective delivery. Based on our experience, the best processes are the ones that are straightforward and have a minimum of exceptions.

At SilverStorm we understand our customers' requirements; we specify the value of the process based on these requirements; we will identify the steps to include in the process effort, eliminating whenever possible the steps that don't create value. Our delivery permits the customer to enter into a state of production in short periods of time, significantly reducing the overall cost of the project as well as having immediate positive impacts on IT productivity.

TECHNOLOGY: it's safe to say that that in the current economic climate the only the projects that will be given the green light are ones that provide tangible benefits such as cost transparency, demonstrable value and that are agile. The increased expectation is something that SilverStorm had anticipated and that is why our portfolio has been very carefully selected in order to meet these critical parameters. The pressure to “deliver more with less”, increased business demands on service delivery and compliance and the increased complexity of the infrastructure, only mean that the challenges the products face are going to keep getting bigger. We continually demonstrate with our customers that our portfolio is ready for these challenges.

CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT: once we have combined “People”, "Process” and “Technology” we then focus on the principle concept of "continuous improvement". Having identified value and removed inefficiencies, we then enable our customers to continue working with the solution; starting the process from the beginning in order to assertion what further improvements can be made to achieve a state of perfection. Our flexible solutions allow for an "operable" enterprise service management.



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