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24/05/2017 - Madrid.

A full suite of pre-packaged solutions that provide organizations with the ability to rapidly transform and drive towards increased Business/IT agility and efficiency.


Addressing the growing need for organisations to be able to rapidly implement their digital strategies SilverStorm today have announced the lauch of ServiceAware.

Forming part of the SilverStorm Value Proposition and continuing on from the SilverStorm Digital Value Chain, ServiceAware provides organisations with a “toolkit” to implement and run their Services Model.


serviceaware 2SilverStorm has combined industry best practice with experience gained from over 20 years’ and 200 projects to create a full suite of pre-packaged products covering both core IT and non-IT processes.

These products, known as ServiceAware process packages are used as a basis for the development of fully integrated solutions that enable organisations to embrace new ways of working in todays digital world.
Thanks to ServiceAware, organisations can rapidly deploy high quality solutions with quantifiable benefits that are understandable to the business.

In addition to the numerous direct benefits that ServiceAware can provide relating to the implementation of a digital strategy, it also provides organizations the following immediate results:

  • Speed: Organizations using ServiceAware process packages can expect to implement their processes up to 75% quicker.
  • Costs: ServiceAware process packages are up to 25% cheaper than implementations from scratch.

serviceaware 3The ServiceAware process packages cover the four key components of digital transformation:

  • Standards: Each package leverages industry best practice as well as experience gained from over 20 years and 200 implementations.

  • Technology: Each package is developed on leading edge disruptive technology.

  • Processes: Consolidated, consistent cross organizational processes that facilitate and drive efficiency and agility.
  • People: Each package includes a full set of training documentation and sessions.

For more information on ServiceAware, The SilverStorm Value Proposition or the SilverStorm Digital Value Chain please contact us.

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