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The international company turned the event into a Team Building activity, to help strengthen ties between its more than 100 employees

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SilverStorm celebrated its traditional Christmas Dinner last Friday to show thanks for a successful year and in hopes to continue into 2020. The management team were surrounded by its more than 100 employees, the cornerstone of the business. And it is that talent, as recognized by Rian Butcher, CEO and founder, during the inaugural speech, which is the best asset of the company that continues to grow at a dizzying but controlled pace. As a fact, it has increased its sales by 60% from to 2018.

The international firm, with offices in Madrid, Valladolid, London, Mexico City and Dallas, transformed the event into a Team Building activity which were held throughout the day to strengthen ties between its workers.

After the speeches which bought a lot of laughter was the common denominator of all conversations, then came the visualization of an emotional video that reviewed the best moments of the year. Later the HackaStorm prizes were awarded for the contest held at the end of October, and in which about 20 consultants participated race against the clock to look for the disruptive technology of tomorrow. As the evening went on, we presented the gifts from our Secret Santa and the music went on until dawn by a DJ and the band ‘The Jam One's’.

SilverStorm took the opportunity to increase the motivation of the team, creating a fun and relaxed environment where workers could get to know each other more, which will help in the future to improve communication between different departments and areas. In addition, it strengthened mutual trust between team members and the knowledge of each person's strengths and weaknesses.

SilverStorm is aware that its growth is the result of the productivity of the talent behind each Digital Transformation project. Young talent that adds depth with the flagship talent that has been in the company for more than 10 years, together they work to reduce costs, optimize customer technology solutions and increase profits.

Whenever you can stimulate creativity, positive attitudes and motivation of your staff, while reinforcing the feeling of belonging, you have a great working environment. Maximizing the investment in technology is the challenge that is proposed in each initiative, however, looking at all the possibilities it is best to surround oneself with employees united by a leader with empathy. With this, comfort is guaranteed, and the work environment is much better, as there are ties beyond labour relations.

Looking forward to next year, Rian Butcher advised, that from the privileged position that the company has, thanks to having a precise vision of what the market needs, they will continue to seek to accompany more clients in their Digital Transformation process, delivering solutions to the forefront, which they will implement without friction and meeting the demands and needs of the users.


About SilverStorm

SilverStorm guides companies in the use of technology to maintain their competitiveness. We take advantage of the continuous knowledge to find what customers need worldwide, working side by side with our team, building and deploying digital strategies in record time.

In SilverStorm we manage to take the client from his current state to his desired state. Our SilverStorm Digital Transformation Strategy™ project provides VISION, DIRECTION and EXPERIENCE to companies that seek to increase their profits, customer satisfaction and productivity. SilverStorm leads the disruptive technology sector that makes customers strengthen their commitment to the transformation strategy. SilverStorm has acquired the highest consideration among ServiceNow partners under the Elite Partner designation, as well as being an official partner of Zenoss and Nexthink.

We operate on all four continents, always service oriented. SilverStorm is a company that promotes Digital Transformation whose headquarters are in Spain and has offices in the United States, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

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