Friday, 15th November 2019

More than 500 professionals attended the most important event of the year, where SilverStorm was a sponsor



SilverStorm has became the best ally of ServiceNow in the Future of Work, this was the most important event for the platform in Spain. Madrid welcomed more than 500 professionals from various sectors who knew first-hand the future of work and how to transform the way in which people play their role and interact within organizations.

The company attended as a sponsor and was able to show its know-how as a guide in the Digital Transformation. In fact, the employees in charge of implementing ServiceNow at Santander Bank thanked SilverStorm for their knowledge and experience as a partner in there process during their Presentationat the event.

SilverStorm is the oldest partner in Spain, with offices in Madrid, Valladolid, London, Mexico D. F. and Dallas from which they manage more than 250 projects in 30 countries. In addition, it offers vision to achieve the objectives in full and personalized support to get the most out of ServiceNow. SilverStorm knows how to help their customers meet their expectations, have the necessary knowledge to react to possible incidents and not to waste their time or money. The key is digital strategy and continuous improvement service.




At the Future of Work event several presentations were also held. Some news of ServiceNow were announced, such as their app. In the words of Joaquín Reixa, VP Sales EMEA South, the mobile is the “trigger” that makes everyday easier. However, he said that "technology has to be at the service of people and not vice versa."For this reason, Reixa made it clear that it is essential to automate complexity because "it will eliminate 30% of repetitive work". And, most important of all, in his opinion, each step must be taken to the sound of transparency and clarity.

During the presentation of Bank Santander success story, the speakers commented that ServiceNow has been “one of the pillars” of the Digital Transformation, with which they have improved efficiency, the experience of employees and customers and the alignment of IT departments with business priorities.

Bank Santander commented that they have reduced 90% of time to obtain information and 60% of time solving incidents. This has been joined by another important piece in Digital Transformation such as organizational change management. "The fundamental thing is that with the team you have to drive it you have to know the house very well and listen to all the workers to find the solution".




Nélida, Raquel and Cristina, from Cepsa, explained that ServiceNow has provided technicians with freedom and value thanks to a single meeting point. "Before its implementation, the security of the data was not guaranteed", they said. Also they underlined that the platform has also meant a "cultural change" for the Human Resources department, which can manage processes for multiple types of vacations thanks to its virtual assistant, among others.

The end of Future of Work there was speaker named Javier Sirvent, Technology Evangelist, who with his particular rhetoric put all the attendees in his pocket. He explained how things have changed and, above all, people in the last 10 years. He also referred to the famous digital tsunami, where, he said, technology will change everything. "It will not take away work, but duplicate it, but we must know how to use it".

In this line, he clarified that to get far it is necessary to be fast, dynamic and manage uncertainty. "The key is to be polymaths because if we do not use technology we will not be efficient or competitive." He gave two tips: “Crisis is an opportunity and a fat one is coming, but the good thing is that everything is still to be done. Of course, whatever you do, always with passion because I do not try to live the rest of the years with the boss, but to be happy”, concluded Sirvent.




About ServiceNow

ServiceNow is making the world of work, work better for people. Their cloud-based platform and solutions deliver digital workflows that create great experiences and unlock productivity for employees and the enterprise.

About SilverStorm

SilverStorm guides companies in the use of technology to maintain their competitiveness. We take advantage of the continuous knowledge to find what customers need worldwide, working side by side with our team, building and deploying digital strategies in record time.

In SilverStorm we manage to take the client from his current state to his desired state. Our SilverStorm Digital Transformation Strategy™ project provides VISION, DIRECTION and EXPERIENCE to companies that seek to increase their profits, customer satisfaction and productivity. SilverStorm leads the disruptive technology sector that makes customers strengthen their commitment to the transformation strategy. SilverStorm has acquired the highest consideration among ServiceNow partners under the Elite Partner designation, as well as being an official partner of Zenoss and Nexthink.

We operate on all four continents, always service oriented. SilverStorm is a company that promotes Digital Transformation whose headquarters are in Spain and has offices in the United States, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

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