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ServiceImprovement™ keeps your ServiceNow investment on track, so that you can deliver on the promises that you have made to the business.

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It’s simple; ServiceImprovement by SilverStorm, permits ServiceNow customers to put solutions into the hands of the business, so that the business can deliver on the promises they have made. It ensures that you meet the commitments that you made when you first decided to invest in the world’s leading Cloud Services for the Enterprise.
It’s probable that you invested in ServiceNow on the promise of ‘removing the traditional IT barriers and pains’ from the business of doing business. You probably talked about ‘making IT friendly, easy-to-use, and always-on’. Quite possibly you guaranteed a reduction in operating costs to you Finance Director. You may have said ‘with ServiceNow we will be ready, agile and be proactive for any new or changing business requirement’. It was a bright world when you started out on your ServiceNow journey.
Have you contemplated, or is your organization contemplating the replacement of ServiceNow?
If the answer is “Yes” then it is more than likely due to one or more of the following common challenges:

Your projects and initiatives take far too long to see the light, and when they do, they do not always meet business needs. You have the feeling that you are not getting the most out of the platform and as such you are not achieving the possible return (ROI) that you promised to the business?


You do not have dedicated resources and technical knowledge to respond to incidents and administrative requests to guarantee the continuity of the service.


You feel that the manufacturer's support is too limited and does not cover implementation defects and integrations.


You feel that your current partner lacks the necessary vision to help you achieve your short and medium term objectives and guide you to define future objectives.


You do not have adequate resources and a simple task usually generates defects and bad user experiences.


You do not feel ready to take advantage of the 2 updates per year of the ServiceNow versions that offer new features and security patches.


You are not sure if your current ServiceNow configuration adheres to ServiceNow best practices.?


You do not feel informed enough of upcoming updates and are therefore unclear how each update can improve your operations.


Your internal ServiceNow support team do not proactively propose and execute performance improvements


Our experience has demonstrated that business owners want easy-to-deliver and easy-to-adapt services in which the technological component doesn’t hinder the delivery or the adaption. New services need to be brought on line, existing services need to be matured and enhanced. If the IT Department can’t meet this expectation, then the solution they have proposed will be questioned by the business.

Many of the Operation Directors that we speak to who, and whom are using ServiceNow, say that they are facing the same performance issues that they had with non-hosted applications; they also go on to say that the administrative and support burden for ServiceNow is a lot higher that they had anticipated.

Another major issue that CIOs have shared with SilverStorm is the lack of agility and flexibility demonstrated by most of the ServiceNow partner ecosystem. Many customers feel that they have been left to their own devices once a project has finished, or they complain that getting the right resources within a reasonable timeframe is proving to be impossible.

In many cases, the IT Department is facing increased pressure regarding the decision to invest in ServiceNow.

There is good news, and then there is really great news!

The good news is that your original decision to invest in ServiceNow was a good one – ServiceNow is ‘fit for purpose’ you were right to choose this leading cloud services platform. The investment your organization has made was correct; the expected benefits of using ServiceNow to transform your business are still credible. In the hands of the right transformation partner, your ServiceNow investment will help drive increased efficiency, satisfaction and profit. ServiceNow can meet the business requirements, can remove IT as being a barrier and the use of ServiceNow can reduce the operational costs faced by an IT Department.


That’s the good news, but the really great news is that SilverStorm is the transformation partner that you need; you’ve arrived at the #1 Partner for ServiceNow enabled digital transformation. The problems mentioned above can be avoided 100% when your ServiceNow practice is in the hands of an accomplished and experienced digital transformation partner. SilverStorm has created ServiceImprovement to meet the challenges head on that many ServiceNow customers are facing today.

ServiceImprovement is far more than just support; born from a multitude of customer challenges we at SilverStorm believe that our ServiceImprovement services are tailored perfectly to provide our customers with increased business agility and efficiency coupled with proactive continual improvements to maximise the return on the investment our customers have made in ServiceNow.

ServiceImprovement, includes 4 fundamental sets of services which provide the following benefits:


Advanced Platform Support:

  • Reduction in management time for product defects.
  • Reduction in the resolution time for configuration defects, including integrations.
  • Reduction in the medium term of the number of configuration defects.
  • The client has the peace of mind that ALL his instances are covered.

Basic Configuration Support:

  • Reduction in the execution time of administration actions.Reduction in the execution time of administration actions.
  • Faster and safer learning of in-house management equipment.
  • Reduction of administration costs.
  • Reduction of defects generated as a result of administration tasks.

Enhancement Services:

  • Faster upgrades.
  • Reduction of 'time to market' to deliver value to the business.
  • Reduction of defects generated as a result of increases in the production of new functionality.

Architectural Services:

  • Improvement in platform performance
  • Increase in ROI (a 'roadmap' is defined based on maximizing the platform's possibilities, therefore, the ROI is increased)

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