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Ensure endpoint security and compliance

Your bedrock in the age of disruption: Safeguard compliance and security to minimize risk exposure. Nexthink ensures compliance and fixes security threats automatically, anytime and all the time.

Ensure compliance with internal and external policies

Check the compliance of your endpoints with your internal policies including mandatory software, shadow IT, security tools and proxy settings

Automatically fix compliance violations

Comply with regulations related to your industry: PCI DSS, HIPAA, and more

Ensure software license compliance


Perform behavior-based threat detection


Automate actions to identify and resolve potential threats before they become issues

Get alerted when abnormal behaviors are detected

Anonymously analyze behaviors related to insider threat risks

Block malware and isolate endpoints under attack

Limit the consequence of threats by narrowing the gap between detection and response

Define and execute automated actions when incidents are detected such as isolating the infected device, quickly blocking its access to the Internet or to the data center.

Simplify forensic analysis with real-time access to historical data


Raise employee security awareness


Identify end-user behaviors that can pose a risk to the organization

Initiate in-context education campaigns to increase security awareness and suggest corrective actions

Empower employees to reduce the overall cyber risk by involving employees in the decision process and taking actions based on end-user approval

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