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How can you make sure that you are providing the right roles to a person in your ServiceNow tool?

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SilverStorm Business Continuity Services

SilverStorm provides a plan based on innovative solutions that can be implemented at the speed of light

Assess Business Continuity

Having the necessary built-in tools and well-defined processes is the key

Measure Remote Working Experience

Measure, Manage & Act on key drivers of remote end user experience

Drive Digital Adoption

Empower remote users and boost productivity

Setup Virtual Agents

Virtual Agent conversational interface based upon Natural Language bots & Machine Learning

Link ServiceNow To Communication Tools

Connect your communications applications, enhance visibility & remove silos

Consultancy Services

Analyze your platform and adapt your needs to new ways of working


Vision, Direction and Experience

Vision, Direction and Experience

Are you ready to shape your future?

Are you ready to shape your future?

According to Forrester, 70% of the companies that appeared on the Fortune 1000 list ten years ago have now vanished. The reason: the inability to adapt the change. This change comes from the evolution of IT departments in order to be able to increase efficiency, improve traceability, improve customer satisfaction and, in this way, improve profitabilty.


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